Mentalist supports SoftUni

In the Mentalist we love mysteries. But we love even more people who manage to solve them. We want to help develop those minds that take the challenge as a challenge and are willing to explore strange territories – not only geographically but mostly mental.

That’s why we decided to support an interesting course organized by SoftUnion – Arduino Internet of Things.

The course will give you the necessary knowledge to connect your home to the Internet and make it smarter.

You’ll get a set of knowledge and tools to get information in (near) real time about what’s happening and what’s in your house.

You will be able to turn on and off various electrical appliances at home from any device with Internet access.

You will learn to use soldering iron and multimeter to make your hardware projects more durable over time.

The course can enroll people who have basic or advanced knowledge of Arduino or have successfully completed the course “Getting Started with Arduino”.

And we in Mentalist can include some of our team members after the end of the course.

You can sign up for this training here .